Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is a medicine and its made up of 9 carbons, 8 hydrogens and 4 oxygen. Aspirin is a medicine that is used for many treatments such as pain, headache, and inflammation. It can also reduce the chance of getting heart attack. Aspirin is a type of NSAID (NON-STERIODAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS). This and other type of NSAID block the effects of the enzyme that make prostaglandins. This reduces the pain and swelling. In heart attack a blood cloth have happened. These blood cloth are due to palettes which are tiny particles in blood. They stick to fibrin which are thread of protein. Aspirin sticks to coenzyme 1. This interrupts the clothing process and aspirin also makes pallets and cell less sticky. This reduces the changes of getting a blood cloth and it reduces the changes of getting another heart attack. Aspirin has been used worldwide.

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