I chose Teflon because its molecular model looks symmetrical like a LEGO brick. The molecular construction is two carbon atoms to four fluorine atoms in a chain. Teflon was accidentally invented at the DuPont Company in 1938 by Roy Plunkett. Teflon is used to waterproof clothing and furniture. The most popular usage of this molecule is to coat pots and pans we use everyday so food won’t stick. One of my chores is to help cook breakfast and Teflon is my superpower. When I stir the scrambled eggs, the Teflon coating in the pan makes my job a lot easier. The eggs do not burn or stick and everyone thinks I have done a great job cooking. I tried using a pan without Teflon once and everything stuck and my brother was mad because his chore is to clean the dishes. Teflon helps keep my family happy and healthy.

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