Propane (C3H8) has 3 carbon and 8 hydrogen atoms. That may sound boring, but I see propane differently. Propane makes me think of how I’m growing older and it reminds me of the time I spend grilling and talking with my dad. Propane reminds me of how summer 2020 was made better by my dad giving me new chores to help grill and to help refill the propane tanks when we’re at home or camping. In 2021, propane will hopefully mean to me BBQ parties, friends playing in the pool, and running on the playground. Propane is a gas that is stored as a nontoxic liquid. It’s a clean fuel that burns quickly and evenly unlike charcoal. Having enough propane is important in the summer because you don’t want to run out of propane when you’re having a party, and that won’t happen as I am now a Junior Grillmaster.

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