Twenty years from now, when we look back at the postmortem trend of COVID-19 victims, we will evince the significance of Isopropyl Alcohol that no other molecule could ever have. Isopropyl Alcohol plays a pivotal role in protecting us from the dangers of COVID-19 as Isopropyl is the key and additive ingredient in hand sanitizers. Customarily, it is manufactured for consumer use and is blended with water, sold as an antiseptic cleaning solution. The chemical formula for isopropyl alcohol is C3H8O, with a freezing point of -89.5°C and boiling point of 82.4°C. The properties of this molecule assembles a very versatile sanitizer for a systematic asepsis. Isopropyl Alcohol is able to successfully exterminate germs while playing a salient role in keeping us safe. Determined to fight this virus, we should efficiently use Isopropyl Alcohol and hand sanitizers. “Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”

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