Vitamin D3 is a nutrient essential for humans. This vitamin offers many health benefits such as strengthening bones, boosting immunity, and improving heart function. Its chemical formula is C27H44O, and its chemical name is Cholecalciferol. It contains 27 Carbons, 44 Hydrogens, and 1 Oxygen. Its simplified form contains three covalent bonds. Vitamin D3 belongs to a chemical class called Vitamin D analogs. Vitamin D3 has a low melting point of 83 C, and a boiling point of 496.4 C. Vitamin D3 can be found in many foods such as fatty fish, fish liver oils, egg yolk, and cheese. It also comes in supplement forms such as liquid drops, gel caps, tablets, dissolvable lozenges, and soft gels which can be taken to boost a person’s Vitamin D level and improve overall health. .

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