Poly-para phenylene terephthalate (K29), which is branded as Kevlar, is a structure of tightly knit and squeezed aramid fibers, it is a heat-resistant and strong synthetic material, which contains monomers that build-up to create the fiber. These monomers have 14 carbon atoms, 2 nitrogen atoms, 2 oxygen atoms, and 10 hydrogen atoms. The molecular formula is which makes up the molecules is [-CO-C 6H 4- CO-NH-C]. Kevlar is a strong fiber used in many applications. Kevlar is used in durable items such as heavy-duty tires, airplane hulls, pipes, and many other strong objects. Kevlar is commonly used in protective wear for the military and for builders, Kevlar is a strong fiber, in fact, it can even deflect a firearm’s bullet upon impact. Most protective gears adapt k29 into their protective wear (bulletproof vests, construction helmets, etc.). Kevlar is used every day for situations that require a strong and flexible material.

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