Sucrose is a naturally found molecule and is more commonly known as "Table sugar." At the macromolecular level, it is a carbohydrate, a disaccharide made up of two monosaccharides, glucose and fructose. At the atomic level, the molecule is composed of, as most other carbohydrates are, a 2:1 ratio of hydrogen to oxygen atoms, and it has 12 carbon, 22 hydrogen, and 11 oxygen atoms. The sucrose molecule is a sweet-tasting, colorless, crystalline solid that has a melting point of 186°C or 459K and decomposes into caramel at higher temperatures. Sucrose is one of the most common sweeteners found in most of our foods every day, and it serves the purpose of stabilizing the structure of many baked goods and food products. Currently, the sucrose molecule is also being incorporated into the Covid vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer to maintain pH and increase the stability of the vaccine during freezing.

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