Glucose General Information: The Glucose molecule is made up of 24 atoms. 6 oxygen, 6 carbon, and 12 hydrogen atoms, or C6H12O6. The word glucose comes from the Greek word “glykys”; meaning sweet. It is a group of carbohydrates called simple sugars, and is found in most foods (pizza, donuts, burgers, etc). It can be made artificially, and also found naturally in life forms. All life forms use, produce or have glucose inside them. Plants and most animals use glucose as an energy source. My Project Information: My project consists of 3 main parts: 3D model of the molecule (.stl), picture of the model (.png), and this document (.pdf). I used a custom color scheme for atoms, as you see in the picture. I also made the atoms different in size corresponding to their atomic numbers, although not to scale. The 3D model includes labels of the 3 atom types.

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