I chose Theobromine because it is in chocolate. Chocolate starts out as a cacao pod. Then, the pod is collected and the seeds are taken out. The seeds are then taken to a factory, where they are roasted, crushed, and then added to other ingredients to make chocolate. Theobromine can make chocolate have a bitter flavor, if there is enough of it. Theobromine is more prominent in healthy chocolates like baking chocolate. White chocolate is white because it has a minute amount of Theobromine. The chemical formula of Theobromine is C7H8N4O2. It is an alkaloid with two connected rings made of nitrogen and carbon. It also has two methyl groups. A methyl group is made of three hydrogens and one carbon I made a ball and stick 3-D model. My model uses different sized and colored spheres to represent the different elements.

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