Found in our blood, table sugar, and carbohydrates, the sugar that powers us with the energy we need: glucose. Glucose can provide us with instant energy and is found in carbohydrates. This savior can bring people with low blood sugar energy. Glucose is a monosaccharide, which means that it cannot be broken down further in any process. Monosaccharides follow the empirical formula: (CH2O) n, are sweet when tasted, soluble in water, and crystalline in composition. The chemical structure of glucose is C6H12O6, once again following the empirical formula. Glucose has an aldehyde, which makes it an aldose. An aldehyde is one of two forms of a carbonyl (the other being ketose) which is found at the end of a hydrocarbon chain where a carbon is double bonded to an oxygen atom and bonded with a hydrogen atom. Glucose is an aldohexose since it is an aldose and has 6 carbons.

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