Soap, also known as Sodium Laurate, is a very important molecule for people. Its scientific name is C12H23NaO2. Soap was invented in about 2800 BC and in the approximately 4,821 years it has existed, it's helped people clean their things, themselves, and helped prevent sickness. Soap has 2 halves, the non-polar side, which hangs out with all the slimey and grimey oils that you can get on your hands, and the polar half which is attracted to water which forms a circle trapping the grime inside it. HOWEVER, for some germs such as COVID-19 it's different, the non-polar side will inject itself into the protective membrane of the virus and shatters it like glass! In the end, I believe that soap is one of the most important molecules we use in day to day life, and it's very important that we remember to use it, especially with COVID-19 running around.

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