Triclosan (C12H7Cl3O2) is a molecule that is found in many care products like soap and toothpaste and other products like toys, cosmetics and furniture. It has a molecular weight of 289.5 g/mol and has a melting point of 56-60°C and a boiling point of 290°C. With at least 0.1% being found in these products many think it's a safe product after using it for decades. However recently triclosan is banned due to substances being linked to cancer and hormone problems. This ban didn’t happen years ago since many people were unaware of how triclosan affected them long term as they viewed the reward higher than the risk. One example of this reward is that it helps prevent gingivitis, gum inflammation in the teeth. Triclosan is added in many toothpaste to help reduce and prevent bacterial contamination. Overall Triclosan has so many negatives that they outweigh the positives.

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