Polypropylene is a strong, stiff, and crystalline thermoplastic made from combining propylene monomers. The chemical formula for polypropylene is C3H6. The structure has a pattern that starts with two hydrogen atoms connected to a carbon, which connects to another carbon atom that has one hydrogen atom and a carbon atom connected to it. Connected to THAT carbon atom is three hydrogen atoms. Polypropylene has high flexural strength because of its semi-crystalline nature. It also has a slippery surface very resistant to moisture absorption. Its chemical resistance is also strong to a wide range of bases and acids. Polypropylene is relevant today because of its importance during the spread of the virus. In July of 2020, it was recommended to use masks with a layer of polypropylene. This probably has to do with its strong chemical resistance which makes polypropylene fabric suitable for making other first-aid response items.

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