Glutaraldehyde is a sharp, pungent and colorless, oily liquid. With it’s chemical formula of C5H8O2, this compound consists of 5 carbon atoms, 8 hydrogen atoms, and 2 oxygen atoms. Glutaraldehyde is a toxic chemical, usage ranging from a high-level disinfectant, medication, fixative, and a preservative. Most commonly, it’s utilized as a main sterilant to disinfect and clean medical equipment. It is found in solutions such as Cidex (in which the raw substance is adjusted to be at a safer, lower concentration level), which are advanced hospital-grade cleaners that effortlessly decontaminate germs, prevent infections, and even kill pesky viruses like Influenza. As the pandemic arises, it is crucial that those who work at the front lines and those with their health at risk are protected to the utmost extent. With glutaraldehyde, nurses, doctors, and patients can maintain as much cleanliness as they can as they strive for recovery.

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