The molecule of Penicillin is unique. A reason why the molecule of Penicillin is unique because it’s used for treating certain infections that are caused by bacteria. Those infections are Ear, nose, throat, Lower respiratory tract infections, and many more. Penicillin treats those infections by preventing bacteria from forming the walls that surround them, stopping the spread of bacteria. Another reason why Penicillin is unique is due to its molecular composition. The molecular composition for penicillin is C16H18N2O4S. An easier way to understand penicillin most of their composition is that it is made up of 16 Carbon,18 Hydrogen, 2 nitrogen, 4 oxygen, and 1 sulfur. A final reason why penicillin is unique is because of its properties. One of those properties includes the weight of the penicillin molecule which is 334.4 g/mol. Another one of the properties includes its usage of seven hydrogen bonds.

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