Caffeine, an extraordinarily popular substance that we often take for granted. A world without caffeine is a world without energy. The majority of employed people live off of this drug, just to get them through the day. It’s chemical structure is beautifully intricate, yet somehow simplistic at the same time. The formula is C8H10N4O2, making it a xanthine alkaloid stimulant, meaning that it’s basic and it has a physiological effect on the human body. The physiological effect being that it wards off drowsiness and improves focus. This is because it is considered an “adenosine receptor antagonist,” adenosine being the chemical in our brain that causes us to want to sleep. Caffeine’s relevance today lies within its usage, which is already pretty abundant. It’s in energy drinks, it is a reliable pesticide, it’s naturally remedying for migraines, etc. Without caffeine, the world becomes a lethargic wasteland.

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