Ever wonder what your favourite piece of jewelery, your bicycle, phone, surgical tools, medical implants, and even goalie masks are made of?.... Titanium, a shiny transition metal with the symbol Ti and atomic #22 on the periodic table. Not only titanium being twice as strong as steel and weighing 1/2 as much, it's also corrosion-resistant, which allows for engineering applications in aircraft, hulls of ships, and many other important structures. Despite being the 9th most abundant element on Earth, titanium is relatively rare, taking up roughly only 0.63% of the Earth's crust. Many other alloys of titanium are being used, usually to make Titanium dioxide as a pigment such as paints, plastics, rubber, etc. Without titanium, we would not be able to perform crucial medical procedures such as joint replacement implants, conduct space missions, use everyday products, etc. I am thankful for titanium for improving our lives as a whole.

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