The molecule is glycerol, which can be used for many things in daily life. Its compound is C3H8O3. First, here are some of glycerol’s characteristic properties. Its density is 1.26 g/cm cubed, just slightly over the density of water. Its boiling point is 554°F and its freezing point is, at minimum, -37°F. Glycerol’s viscosity is very low and it is also soluble in water. Last but not least, it has a low flammability. Moving on to its different uses, glycerol has a variety of things it can be used for. Glycerol helps a lot to moisturize skin, which is why it is used in things like moisturizers, conditioners, shaving cream, soap, and even eye drops. Glycerol is also added to moisturizers and cough syrup to prevent irritation. It’s even used in toothpaste to keep it from drying out in the bottle.

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