The chemical compound chosen was 2-Acetoxybenzoic acid. This compound is most commonly known as Aspirin(C9H8O4). The compound is used a lot in many households. For example, Aspirin is used as a medication for uneasy stomachs, reducing fever, and sometimes relieving muscle pains. Aspirin is slightly soluble in water, but can dissolve quickly in solutions with components of Alkali (another chemical compound). Aspirin is usually white, and was recorded having an odorless smell. Aspirin has a boiling point of 284 degrees celsius, and has a density of 1/4g/cm cubed. The Compound is made up of 9 mol of carbon atoms, 8 mol of hydrogen atoms, and 4 mol of oxygen atoms. With a total of 21 atoms and 3 elements in all. All in all the chemical compound 2-Acetoxybenzoic acid (Aspirin) is used in many homes around the world, and is the compound that was recreated in TinkerCad.

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