Potassium bitartrate, also known as cream of tartar, has a total of 16 atoms and 4 elements. There are 4 carbon atoms, 5 hydrogen atoms, 6 oxygen atoms, and 1 potassium atom. The molecular composition of potassium bitartrate is C4H5KO6 . Potassium bitartrate is made up of tiny, colorless, and white crystals. Potassium bitartrate is mainly used in baking and lots of other food items. Two liquids that have potassium bitartrate in them are lemon juice and white vinegar. Potassium bitartrate is also used in wine making. This molecule can also be found in some cleaning solutions. The molecular weight of potassium bitartrate is 118.18 grams per molecule and the exact weight is 187.97232 grams. Potassium bitartrate does not have a melting point, a boiling point, or a solubility. Its density is 1.954 grams per cubic centimeters. As you can see, potassium bitartrate is very important.

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