The molecule Biotin is composed of C10 (carbon), H16 (hydrogen), N2 (nitrogen), O3 (oxygen), S0 (sulfur). The properties of this molecule allow our bodies to nurture specific parts and better our bodies. The physical properties vary on the type and form of Biotin that it is used. If used by pills or medication it comes in capsules and jelly like liquid. But used in a liquid it is neutralized with other liquids. The boiling point of Biotin is 1,064 degrees fahrenheit. The density of Biotin is 1.3g/cm3. Biotin is stable at high temperatures and is water soluble. It is a specific B-Vitamin that helps reboot you energy from powering and fueling with the food in your body. This is also very beneficial during pregnancy and breastfeeding newborn infants. Some of the elements and nutrients help the hair, nails, and skin.

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