Theobromine is a molecule that can be used in everyday life. The appearance of this molecule is crystalline, and an organic colorless powder. This molecule can be found in cacao plants which can be better known as chocolate, so that means that all things that are made from chocolate have theobromine. Other uses for this molecule are to relieve asthma attacks, stimulate the heart, widen blood vessels, and to improve someone's mood. Theobromine in some ways is similar to caffeine. The scientific name for theobromine is xantheose. Theobromine has a boiling point of 290 degrees Celsius and also has a melting point of 357 degrees Celsius. The molecular weight of this molecule is 180.16 g/mol. The molecular formula or compound for this molecule is C7H8N4O2. The compound has 7 Carbons, 8 Hydrogens, 4 Nitrogens, and 2 Oxygens. The sum of all the atoms is 21 atoms.

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