We may not know it, but methane is a huge part of our lives. Methane is a chemical compound. The chemical formula is CH₄, meaning there is one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms that make it up. The carbon atom is bigger than the hydrogen atoms because it contains more protons and neutrons. Methane is odorless and colorless. Methane is a greenhouse gas that humans on Earth use constantly. It traps heat so it destroys the Earth’s atmosphere. Methane is flammable so if anyone has a gas stovetop, you are using methane to light the fire. There is also a very small amount of methane in the air that we breathe. Methane is produced in the gut of mammals such as cattle. The only way that methane can get out of the gut is by passing gas. 7% of that is methane. In conclusion, methane is everywhere around us.

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