The chosen landing site for the Mars 2020 rover is the Jezero Crater, named after the town of Jezero in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Jezero” means “lake” in Bosnian, a term appropriate for the Jezero Crater due to it potentially having once been the home of a lake in Mars’ distant past. I propose to name the rover that will tread along this forgotten shore “Mornar”, which means “sailor” in Bosnian. Not only will this relate to the crater’s Bosnian name, but it will also convey the mission of the Mars 2020 rover, which is to set sail on a dangerous voyage in order to make incredible scientific discoveries. The rover will be a sailor on this ancient lake, searching for signs of life through the churning waves of time. To combine the spirit of exploration with the landing sites’ history, the Mars 2020 rover should be dubbed “Mornar”.