I believe the 2020 Mars Rover should be named Enlightenment, and here’s my reasoning as to why. 1) We’re using Mars rovers to help us expand our knowledge of our close neighbor, so I would say they’re helping enlighten us. 2) Many experiments are testing what we’ve never tested before, like MOXIE, which will help us test the production of oxygen on the Red Planet. 3) I believe rover names should be inspiring and represent not only our newfound knowledge of Mars, but a symbol for learning everywhere, regardless of location, or subject. 4) Rovers are amazing feats of engineering, and the previous rovers, Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity each provided the scientific enlightenment that helped build their successors. So this new rover will continue that pattern. This concludes my reasoning as to why the 2020 Mars Rover should be called Enlightenment.