I chose Antoniadi because E. M. Antoniadi was an observer of Mars during the early 18th century and late 17th century. Antoniadi was an artistic observer of mars drawing accurate drawings of many planetary features. Antoniadi led by example in observational work. Naming the Mars 2020 Rover to Antoniadi would help to make people curious about Antoniadi and his observations, helping inspire a new generation of star gazers and space enthusiasts. The name Antoniadi would inspire more countries than just the United States, such as France, Greece, The United Kingdom, and Turkey. Antoniadi started his work in Constantinople, and was born of Greek origin. In his later life he worked at many French Observatory's, pioneering Planetary Astronomy. Naming the Mars 2020 Rover Antoniadi Would inspire many to researching him and discovering the many great works he has done.