Perspective, a point of view towards a specific object. And a top notch rover name. I love how NASA kept with one theme when making Curiosity, Pathfinder, Spirit, Opportunity, and Insight. All of those names are related in an indescribable way and not only do I think Perspective would go delightfully with other spacecraft names keeping with the theme of perseverance but I think it describes well what Mars 2020 will accomplish. Mars 2020 will give us a great new perspective on things when examining microorganisms. Through Mars 2020 we will be looking at life on Mars on a whole new scale. People might think life on Mars is a crazy concept but Mars 2020 will add one more lost piece to the puzzle. I think Perspective would show really what we are expecting from Mars 2020, a whole new view for everyone waiting for history on 2/18/2021.