Ardor, by the English dictionary, is described as enthusiasm or passion. It means an intense emotion that compels action. The Mars 2020 Rover is the ultimate example of ardor. People around the world hold an eagerness to explore beyond Earth and search for other forms of life. The rover is the result of human curiosity, enthusiasm and passion to explore new possibilities for human colonization on Mars. The acronym, A.R.D.O.R. stands for Adventurous Rover Discovering Our Reality. A.R.D.O.R. is the ideal name for the Mars 2020 rover because it perfectly describes its mission and main purpose. The A.R.D.O.R. rover will deliver new information that will bring humans to Mars and expand discovery beyond Earth. Human life on Mars seems very distant, but with A.R.D.O.R. this distant future will soon become a reality.