Hey NASA, My opinion for a name for the Mars 2020 rover is Ares-Gigasis. You might be wondering, ‘Uhm… the first part is just the Greek version of Mars?” That’s exactly why I chose that part of the name! You may not like this because it has another word in it. I chose Gigasis to go with it because I know I might not be the only one to use ‘Ares’ like other Greek Mythology fans. Gigasis has the prefix giga- which means giant. Which makes sense because the rover your sending out is humongous! (You might already know that!) I chose the suffix -sis because it would sound weird if I only used, ‘Ares-Giga’. It would sound incomplete. What’s the use of a prefix that has no root word? Now that you know the name I chose, what do you think? Do you like it or not? Goodbye!