Of the millions of other species on Earth, what sets us apart? We cannot race like cheetahs; we cannot swim like fish; we cannot fly like the birds. Yet, our species, despite our relative deafness, blindness, and overall incapabilities, have outsped sound, dived into undersea chasms, and flown beyond the skies into the frontiers of space. Human ingenuity has brought us far. Isaac Newton concluded centuries ago that he would not have made such groundbreaking discoveries without “standing on the shoulders of giants.” Everything, down to the last nuts and bolts on the 2020 rover would not have been possible without past knowledge. It is only with past ingenuity that we are able to usher in the new. The 2020 rover will honor the culmination of all human ingenuity, reminding us of the efforts of past endeavors and igniting a new era of future ingenuity to explore and dream.