We are but lonely visitors, not residents, in our expansive universe. We know that humanity is mortal, that someday our sun will go supernova and unfurl beautiful tongues of fire. We are but blots of ink in the infinite canvas of time. Still, we advance. We point to the inky sky and say I want to go there, and we do. It is appropriate that the planet we love the most is blazing red like our curiosity. Mars. Mars, the crimson planet of our imaginations. The Mars 2020 rover will also be a visitor on the Red Planet; it will erode in time. Mars is a Roman name from the Latin language. It is fitting that the rover’s name would also be Latin. Adeo, meaning ‘visitor’ and ‘to undertake’, is the name I propose. We strive to understand everything, to know we are truly finite; visitors in our own universe.