Future choices are always motivated by the past, no matter how small or big the decision is. The current idea of the future, which is Mars exploration, began with Sojourner, the first Mars rover which was launched in 1997. Six years later, Spirit was launched, and shortly after, Opportunity was launched. After Opportunity came Curiosity, and after a child’s curiosity, always comes Fascination of their recent discoveries. The sequential order of the rover names seem to have only makes it necessary to name the next rover Fascination, since this is often what comes after Curiosity. Fascination is also what comes with exploring a new region, such as Antarctica, the depths of the Marianas Trench, or space, the last frontier. In conclusion, the name Fascination seems the most appropriate for the newest rover due to past rover names, the origins of fascination, and what is coming as Fascination roams about Mars.