Hello NASA, I am a fifth grader in Perrysburg, Ohio. I love space! I am very interested in the objects in space. It would be an honor to name the 2020 Mars rover. At NASA you seem to love acronyms. So my name had to be an acronym: AMoEBA. AMoEBA stands for Advanced Machine of Extraterrestrial Biological Assessment. AMoEBA will be looking for past microbial life (maybe amoebas) with the hope of opening a gateway to future life on Mars. Extraterrestrial Biological Assessment represents the search for extraterrestrial life on Mars and working towards someday having a civilization on Mars. Lastly, the name comes from the simple unicellular amoeba that you could use to test if Mars is actually habitable for things other than tardigrades. I believe that AMoEBA will be a very successful rover.