Apricity. An elusive but beautiful word, flawlessly fitting for the Mars 2020 rover. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “apricity” as the warmth of sunlight during the winter. The name apricity is perfect because it not only literally, but metaphorically represents the Mars 2020 rover. On one hand, it literally represents the rover as the rover will experience the warmth of the sun during the frigid Martian winter. On the other hand, it figuratively represents humanity spreading its light and warmth throughout the solar system. The rover will be the warmth of human hope and perseverance on an otherwise barren, wintry, and inhospitable world. The name apricity fits the rover eloquently and poetically. In the spirit of martian exploration here's a couple of haikus I wrote about mars: 1. A frigid mars night. Two sets of tracks in red sand. Apricity roams. 2. The martian surface. A beautiful red expanse. Apricity's home.