Solar panels don't work well on Mars because of dust. The RPS fixed this problem. On the next NASA mission they should make a rover that is a robot with a backpack. The backpack will have the RPS and also room for the robot to collect rocks. The robot will go all over Mars collecting rocks and when it's done with its mission it will get into a pod that it came in and go back to Earth so they can study the rocks and look for evidence of life on the planet. I have dwarfism and the robot should also because little people can crawl into small spaces and are really flexible. We have good balance even on uneven terrain like craters and sand. Being a little person also means I have to figure out how to reach things that are too high for me. I have to think quickly and try a bunch of different things before I find something that works. This is good training to be a JPL engineer when I grow up because engineers need to learn to build and think and try again if something does not work and I am good at that.