A radioisotope power system is a battery that creates energy for scientific instruments and gadgets. Something I find interesting about RPS is its longevity! RPS can power spacecrafts for decades because of the heat it uses from radioactive decay from its fuel source. RPS also powers spacecraft through most environments since it needs no sunlight, so they can travel long distances. For example, RPS powers the spaceship VOYAGER, which has been going for over 44 years. And, RPS made it so the VOYAGER visited Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus. I got stuck on my superpower while thinking about it, but I decided it would be optimism. I chose optimism because no matter the circumstances, I try to stay positive and seek out the good in it. My lifelong goal is to have everyone have an equal chance to be successful in life, no matter financial status, race, or gender. I think that my superpower could help me achieve my lifelong goal because I continue to keep going , persevere , and find the best in any circumstance. I have always wanted to help others, and with my superpower, I could do so much more for society. Embrace your own optimism.