Pushing rovers and satellites through an endless test of trial and errors, generating a lasting source of power has proved to be a struggle throughout the recent past. This was until the first nuclear powered spacecraft entered space in 1961, thanks to the radioactive isotope Plutonium-238. Opening countless doors for opportunities, artificial intelligent such as Curiosity and Perseverance have been able to live without constant sunlight, wind, or direct contact with man, proving to be completely independent of outside intervention. Due to technological advancements, Mars missions have been more efficient than ever by collecting rocks, searching for life, or analyzing the environment and topography. In 2012 I experienced a tragedy. My perfect suburban life was interrupted by the loss of my father, to an act of terrorism against a American diplomatic compound, changing my life forever. But instead of letting the event push me to my knees, I used anger and sadness and converted it to a never-ending heat to prove myself to the world and make my father proud of my accomplishments. As RPS systems power man's journey through space, Benghazi will continue to power my hunger to chase my dreams for the rest of my life.