NASA’s space exploration programs may be powered by Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS), but responsibility powers me. RPS is nuclear technology utilizing heat to generate power. Plutonium-238’s natural process of radioactive decay creates heat required for the battery. Similarly, my power recharges using peer and teacher praise from my discipline to re-energize me. Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG), helps make this process possible. My machine is maturity and motivation. Depending on circumstances, RPS is evaluated to see if it's needed. My power of responsibility doesn’t always come naturally. I assess the task’s importance, seeing if my power is necessary. RPS is important in helping spacecraft go further into space. My power helps me advance in achieving my goals, such as becoming a NASA astrophysicist. RPS is vital to every spacecraft, like how mine is important because it assists me to be disciplined in completing my tasks. RPS represents NASA by its ingenious simplicity. My power shows others my traits because I’m a diligent person. RPS is inspiring to me because it’s natural and can power a spacecraft farther into space. I hope my power inspires others in similar ways. NASA’s RPS gives them power to explore. Mine gives me power to accomplish.