I am inspired by the RPS’s ability to work in the dark and its ruggedness. There are many places in our galaxy and beyond where the sun doesn’t reach so it’s awesome that it can work in the dark and travel to places like Saturn or Pluto. The rugged systems allow them to go into challenging environments. I would be really excited to explore Jupiter’s moon, Europa, to see if that’s a place where humans could live. The RPS is tenacious, like me. One reason I am tenacious is because I keep trying even when I fail. For example, when I lose at chess, I read chess books, re-strategize, and play again. If I don’t understand a math concept, I break it down, study it, and try again. I never give up. Just like plutonium-238, I thrive in tough situations. This will help me reach my goal of working as a software engineer at NASA. When faced with a challenge, I do not give up. I try again until I find a solution. This will help me at NASA because there are always new challenges to solve. One day I hope to use my tenacity at NASA, like the RPS.