Radioisotope Power System (RPS) is a nuclear power generator that converts heat into electricity and lasts for a very long time. Because of this, it has helped Voyager-2 visit Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. RPS also helped Voyager-2 discover 10 new moons, 2 rings, and discovered Jupiter’s 14th moon. Since RPS lasts a very long time, Voyager-2 has lived for 44 years and is still working. RPS has solved the problem of the short life of satellites. My special power is my love of building and my creativity. I practice building with Minecraft and Lego. I have built repeating machines and secret passageways in Minecraft and completed Lego sets for all ages. I think my powers will help me become an engineer because in Minecraft I'm inventing things and with Lego I'm building and engineering. I also work with Lego robotics which is teaching me how to code and build robots. Knowing how to build robots will help me become an engineer because when you're an engineer you make robots. In Minecraft I build houses and when you're an engineer you build and design houses. I will use my powers to become an engineer as a career.