A part of the Radioisotope Power System that interests me is how it can withstand harsh surroundings and very dangerous environments. The way that these Systems can work in almost any environment inspires me to try harder, because if this technology can survive the rockiest, coldest, and hottest conditions, then I know I can survive any test. I have to remember that even the hardest test isn’t the end of the world and I have to persevere when I face any challenge. I think my special power is mathematics, because I love math and it’s my favorite subject (don’t tell all the other subjects, especially language arts). I see math problems in everything, from how to divide three pizzas between five hungry friends, to how many seconds it’s been since I was born. For example, when me and my family were going home I saw that there were 30 minutes till we got home and 10 miles left so I thought if we could split all the minutes equally each mile would be three minutes. When I grow up I want to be a mathematician or engineer for NASA to use math to help solve all the mysteries of space.