RPS stands for “Radioisotope Power Systems”. RPS are a type of spacecraft energy source that utilize a form of nuclear power to create electricity from heat. Unlike solar power, RPS don't require light to function, helping spacecraft proceed to remote and treacherous places in our universe. This is inspiring because we, as humans, can only truly pursue our quest into space using a power that doesn’t depend on light, seeing as most places in the universe are cloaked in darkness. Being able to recognize that and create a system that operates in darkness is the ultimate motivation. It demonstrates bravery and human perseverance. Superpowers are the mark of most comic book heroes. Those heroes can sometimes inspire us to do amazing things. A superpower I have is the ability to persevere, even when things are tough. One of my goals in life is to start a business that could raise money for charity. Being an entrepreneur is challenging, but I know that my persistence will help me never give up when obstacles come my way. I may not be able to fly or read minds, but I know my diligence will help me accomplish my ambitions someday.