Unbelievable! How one piece of equipment can accomplish so much! Radioisotope Power is truly an essential tool needed in a spacecraft. It provides Astronauts with a long-term source of electrical power while exploring space, especially when the mission is to visit dark, dusty and/or harsh environments. The Radioisotope Power is created by the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators by converting the heat generated by decaying plutonium-238 fuel into electricity using thermocouples. Most inspiring about this equipment is that Radioisotope Power produces electricity and heat to explore space without refueling. The Radioisotope Power has given spacecraft and astronauts the chance to go beyond our solar system, simply amazing! Thankfully, because of Radioisotope Power space exploration and discovery are so advanced. Motivation and resilience are my unique powers! In order to succeed, I have learned that there will always be people who will cheer you on, but also people who will try to take you down. My goal is to pursue a career in science. Staying focused and always trying my personal best is necessary in reaching for the stars! I am grateful to have my parents on my spacecraft as I take off in my mission of life!