I’m really fascinated by how radioisotopes can generate so much excess heat to power spacecraft and how they can run in the dark. For example, the RHU (Radioisotope Heater Unit) can heat up the spacecraft and generate electricity in very cold and dark conditions. Saturn gets only 6 percent of the sunlight we receive at Earth, while Pluto gets only 1 percent, and as a result they have very extreme environments. Voyager, which set off almost 45 years ago and is about 14 billion miles away from Earth, is still working with barely any light and heat. As per research, 9.9% of the world’s population goes hungry, especially children. With my special knowledge of math and science, I plan to create a pill that will eradicate hunger from the world. It will be completely organic and will have the nutrients that are necessary for the living being to survive the hunger. I really believe this will help the children and adults to survive in malnutrition and continue their lives without suffering and thinking about food.