Radioisotope power systems give us hope to explore distant places where harsh environments and little available sunlight would have limited us. By converting the heat generated by the decay of plutonium-238 into electrical power, RPS provides spacecrafts heat and electricity for decades, enabling them to explore places never dreamed of before. Additionally, RPS can power spacecrafts independent of variables such as temperature and light, helping them travel through interstellar space and inspire new dreams of living amongst the stars. The possibilities brought by RPS inspire me to be more curious about our world and about the discoveries scientists will make in the future regarding the mystery of our solar system. I believe my curiosity is what will allow me to achieve my goal of pursuing a career in the medical field. The mysterious nature of our world and how we interact with it captivates me. I find myself always wanting to know more about the intricate workings of nature and our bodies. My curiosity about these subjects sparks so many questions which prompts me to keep learning. I believe my curious nature will drive my career by giving me a purpose and incentive to persist in my studies.