Radioisotope power systems are extremely versatile. These nuclear batteries utilize thermal energy, produced while plutonium-238 decays, to create electricity. I believe that the two most beneficial and inspirational aspects of RPS are its longevity and resistance. RPS lasts for a very long time—Voyager 1 and 2 are twin spacecraft that have been functioning in deep space for forty-four years, thanks to radioisotope power systems. This power source is also resilient, as it can produce electricity without very specific temperatures, light levels, or additional supplies from Earth. RPS’s ability to adapt to different environments will give us more freedom to explore space. If anything, I would say that I possess one distinctive power: perseverance (this happens to be very relevant, as the Mars rover Perseverance is supplied with radioisotope power). Although I may face challenges and fail a few times, I have the power to keep on going and pursue my passions. This trait allows me to succeed in many areas, because I give myself respect—without being immediately perfect. My goal in life is to feel fulfilled, by balancing my career with my happiness. Perseverance will give me the strength to do both, because I have motivation and diligence to improve.