The Radioisotope Powered System is a nuclear battery that provides heat and electricity for spacecraft. They are much stronger than regular batteries. They need this strength to function in outer space. My superpower is to be both artistic and creative. The mission to accomplish becoming a famous dancer would require me to use my artistic and creative powers to choreograph new, exciting dances that can entertain and teach others. I can spread love and inspire others through my innovative dances. Similar to the RPS, my goal would require me to be rugged. While the RPS has to function in extreme environments of lakes, changing temperatures, rings and moons, it has to stay strong to survive. This would apply to the difficult environments I could dance in. The environments include trying out for new roles, competing with other dancers, and the overall stress dance can have on my body. Overall, I believe that my long term goal of becoming a dancer would require a strength similar to the Radioisotope Powered System. Using my superpower of being artistic and creative, I too can navigate the dance world the same way the rugged RPS navigates our solar system.