RPS is a long-lasting power system that is used when other systems are not compatible. RPS systems work by generating heat from the natural decay of the radioisotope Plutonium 238. RPS power systems have been used in the Cassini, Galileo, Pioneer 10, and Ulysses probes and even the Apollo mission! The Cassini probe used an RPS as its power source and inspires me most because it traveled to Saturn and gave us important information about Saturn’s moons. It shocked scientists by finding that one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, is geologically active and not just a frozen ball of ice. RPS is a superpower for space travel, and I have a superpower too! One of my superpowers is that I stand up for what I believe in. I want to run for president of the United States when I grow up. My superpower will help me with that because people will not be able to convince me to do something that I think is wrong. That is an important trait for the president to have because they need to stand up for what is best for the country. RPS can expand new horizons, and so can I, with my superpower.