Radioisotope Power Systems power many spacecrafts by converting heat released by the decay of plutonium-238, into electrical energy. This power system inspires me most in its use as a power source for missions that send crafts into deep space for a long time. What is so fascinating to me about this is that it all happens as a result of natural decay. It is amazing that there is no need for fusion or fission of plutonium-238 to generate the heat that gets converted into power for these systems. I think my unique power, like plutonium in the RPS, is my independence. Ever since I was a little girl I have always insisted on doing things on my own. While I often get called stubborn I think this power is extremely important and unique. While there are definitely other independent teenagers, I think it is unique to me because I have already accomplished so much on my own and cannot wait to continue on this path. My independence will help me reach my goal of running my own research company because it has taught me how to speak up and take risks, two very important things for women in STEM.