The ability to operate in the dark makes the RPS inspiring in many ways. First, it shows that even in faraway places with minimal or no sunlight, like Saturn or Pluto. This capability lets it function and provides meaningful data to Earth, making this significant as staying near the Sun would hinder our exploration efforts. The power to leave the range of the Sun's light allows us to explore the entire universe and will advance our knowledge of the solar system, galaxies, and everything else. Because the RPS is run by an isotope called PU-238, it can last for 88+ years. RPS takes advantage of natural radioactive decay, so it can last even longer. This is similar to my unique power, which is the ability to persevere in difficult situations, learn, and grow from these experiences. Without it, I wouldn't be able to learn coding, which is important. I definitely need this special skill in Karate, where I’m testing for my black belt. It’s challenging, and I want to quit sometimes, but if I persevere I could earn my black belt. The RPS is inspiring as it shows you how to persevere and this relates directly to my unique skill.